Monday, April 20, 2015

HBaseCon 2015

Don't forget to come to HBaseCon, the yearly get-together for all things HBase in San Francisco. May 7th, 2015.

We have great collection of sessions this year:

  • A highly-trafficked HBase cluster with an uptime of sixteen months
  • An HBase deploy that spans three datacenters doing master-master replication between thousands of HBase nodes in each
  • Some nuggets on how Bigtable does it (and HBase could too)
  • How HBase is being used to record patient telemetry 24/7 on behalf of the Michael J. Fox Foundation to enable breakthroughs in Parkinson Disease research
  • How Pinterest and Microsoft are doing it in the cloud, how FINRA and Bloomberg are doing it out east, and how Rocketfuel, Yahoo! and Flipboard, etc., are representing the west

Among many others!

I'll be talking about HBase Tuning and have a brief cameo in the HBase 2.0 panel, talking abount semantic versioning. Feel free to find me afterwards.